Select the Port Elizabeth Airport location and let the search engine do all of the work for you.

So many choices are available for car hire Port Elizabeth Airport that you could get lost in the decision process. Luckily there exists a way to be able to get all the necessary information on a single site. With this in mind, there is no longer the need to have to do your car rental booking at the branch itself or even phone through and spend an endless amount of time explaining your needs to a consultant. By doing your car hire Port Elizabeth Airport online, you would have direct contact to all of the necessary information in getting your booking done. The process is a pretty simple one, completed in just 3 steps and you would have full access to everything that a consultant would have.

The first step to online car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is to pull up all of the available vehicles so that you may then choose one of them. This is done by entering in the dates and time of your trip to Port Elizabeth. It is made all the more easier if you are aware of these details, so tackle your flights first and then car rental. On the Port Elizabeth Airport site, both of these can be done in just one place. Also select the Port Elizabeth Airport location and let the search engine do all of the work for you.


The second step would be to then choose one of the vehicles listed. The list starts from the most basic vehicles at the cheapest price and follows along to more luxury models. All of the relevant information is included along with the vehicles from price, vehicle specifications, waivers and the agency offering the rental. Any ongoing promotions for car hire Port Elizabeth Airport will be included in the listing.

The third step, and to complete the online car hire Port Elizabeth Airport process would be to add along any side products and to provide a few details. Side products come at an added daily rate to the customer but they add a whole lot of value to the rental vehicle. Examples include navigation systems, baby seats, bike racks, trailers or hand controls. You would then proceed to give in all information required to finalize the booking. The personal information part of information giving is just so that the details can be confirmed during pickup of the car hire Port Elizabeth Airport vehicle. Contact information is necessary to be able to contact you. Finally payment would need to be made and your car rental booking at the Port Elizabeth Airport would be confirmed in an email to you.

On the day and time in question which the car has been hired for, you would pitch up to do your collection. You must provide a means of identification to prove personal details recorded on the online booking portal. Also required would be your Driver’s License. Finally, the bank card used for payment must be produced as well. This takes just a few minutes to tackle and you would be driving off right after.