Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: Employer Requirements

If you are an agriculture farmer who hires migrant workers for his business, there are certain requirements that you must follow to comply with the program. The h2a agency offers substantial perks for farmers who complete the requirements of the program. As an employer of migrant workers, you must meet the following requirements in order to comply with the H2a agency requirements and standards.

Ad Placement

Employers are required to place ads in local newspapers to recruit employees to their agricultural team.  These ads must be placed in the newspaper in the local city/town for a specific number of weeks to comply with regulations. Compliance with state workforce agencies is yet another requirement that employers must meet to participate in the program.


h2a agency

Free housing must be provided to farm labor workers who cannot return to their home each day. The provided housing must be approved by the SEA office after an inspection. After passing the inspection, the Department of Labor approves the housing.

Meals & Transportation

Employers are required to provide three meals each day to seasonal migrant farm labor workers. If three daily meals are not provided, the employer must provide adequate kitchen preparation space to prepare these meals. Transportation to/from the jobsite or compensation for such transportation must be provided.

Tools & Supplies

Employers must not require farm labor workers to provide their own tools and supplies to complete the job. These items must all be provided by the employer and available for use to the employees during business hours.

To ensure proper H2a regulations, ensure the information above is followed.  Every farm employer who hires migrant farm labor workers must abide by the same list of rules and requirements which are in place to protect everyone on the job.